Abcentra is a clinical-stage bio-pharmaceutical company that addresses unmet needs in inflammation by targeting oxidized low-density lipoprotein (oxLDL).

Why Abcentra

Traditional immunomodulating biologic drugs (IBDs) effectively treat disease by reducing inflammation, but may have serious side effects including infections, cancer and death. By targeting more specific mechanisms of inflammation, like oxLDL, we can effectively, and more safely, treat a widening therapeutic population.

Built on Decades
of Research

Abcentra is building on technology developed at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and Lund University by Dr. PK Shah and Dr. Jan Nilsson.

Robust Intellectual
Property Portfolio

Abcentra has an extensive patent portfolio centered on oxLDL, focused on protection for our therapeutics, manufacturing, and formulas.

Novel Drug Target
For Inflammation

Abcentra’s research allows for direct targeting of oxLDL, which has been cited in numerous scientific publications for its role as a mediator of inflammation.

Our Pipeline

Abcentra is developing a pipeline of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies against oxLDL. Current anti-inflammatory immunomodulatory drugs can effectively treat rheumatic diseases, but with serious side effects – including infections and cancers. We are developing a solution. Learn more.